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    In a time when our unemployment has hovered around 9% for upwards of 3 years it’s tempting to consider our unemployment problem as you that affects just the individuals who cannot find work. The unemployed themselves are the most visible and vocal victims from the bursting of the economic bubble but in relation to its numbers they represent simply a fraction in the actual victims of the economic malfeasance containing led us on the side of another Great Depression.

    Ruang Opini : Politik Luar Negeri Bebas Aktif Indonesia Dalam Perspektif Pertahanan NegaraA government ought to be open and transparent in their functioning. In a democracy, government entities is in charge of the tax payer’s money and must be held accountable always. Ensuring that the money is wisely spent is vital. Transparency will likely help to build trust between government entities and the people. When a government plans and lets the folks learn about all of the different challenges that they’ll be facing together it establishes an appropriate communication with its electorate. It’s imperative that folks understand these decisions and vote for a government that will deal with this a higher level expectation.

    Dirty politics with the local level meant a lot of the municipal jobs were filled through patronage, a process of rewarding those who helped elect or did favors for the politicians in power. So Progressives fought for civil service reform, secret balloting and direct primaries, which allowed people to vote to the party candidates in lieu of having them selected by party bosses in smoke-filled rooms. This leveled the arena for average Americans, though the movement didn’t hold on there.

    Representative Weiner’s excuse for not resigning is always that he didn’t break any House rules. This is true. But there is more to as being a leader than not damaging the rules. Can you imagine if our country was run by people whose job was simply to not break any rules? A representative must actually represent the people and get things done – things in connection with the work, that is. There are plenty of good people that can do the task if our current leaders don’t want to intensify to the plate.

    The economies with the European Union(EU), while still reeling from their recent bailout of Greece, take up a tailspin when Spain declares it is going to default on its upcoming debt repayment on the (EU). Following the Spanish announcement, and regardless of the recent loan to Greece of just over 100 billion Euros, Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou is really a surprise announcement he will resign amidst accusations he grossly understated Greece’s projected deficits to the year. In an attempt to stabilize markets, the President from the United States declares the US, combined with IMF (International Monetary Fund) along with the EU, will come for the aid of Spain and Politik Dalam Negeri Greece to prevent any declarations of default.

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